Oct.13-14 French buyer visiting memo

We are very pleased their company purchasing people came to our factory on Oct.13-14, and they had a nice approval of our company. This is their second visiting.
Our company is the factory of rubber joints, we have double sphere and single sphere rubber joints. And the materials of rubber are NBR, EPDM, Neoprene, SBR,NR. Before their coming, we have got our ACS certificates. ACS is for drinking water market, it is the mandatory certificate if the factory wants drinking water piping system.
For this visit, they focused on observing the burst pressure test for our PN10-PN25 rubber joints.
In our company, because we use our own mixed rubber sheet, reinforced with Nylon tire fabric and wires at both ends of our rubber joints, we do not use any recycled material. The burst pressure for our PN25 rubber joints is 7.5Mpa (75bars). And the test was successful.

Meanwhile, we also showed our clients around our workshops and laboratory. And we told our clients our goods can uv-resistant and heat resistant. Our UV-resistant test was based on buyer’s requirements, and both EPDM and NBR have got very good uv-resistant results, and the heat-resistant of our goods officially announced is 130℃, the oven temperature is 140℃.
The burst pressure of our rubber joints after hot-ageing is 3 times of the working pressure, and the test also succeeded.
See below our test pictures:
1)It is for hot-resistant burst pressure, working pressure PN16
2)The burst pressure is PN75, for rubber joints with working pressure PN25.

Finally, our client has praised our company, we have had a nice talking and visting during staying in our company. Both of us hope we can establish the business relation ship with each other.

See our ACS certificate:

Post time: Oct-18-2021