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Rubber gasket has oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, aging resistance and other properties. Based on different using purpose, the material of rubber gasket is different. We can make gaskets in EPDM,Buna, natural rubber. If special material requirement, we can meet the requirements.

Product Detail

Our available goods

Clamp Rubber Expansion Joint


Flange Gasket-1

Triple Arch Expansion Joint

Rubber Joint Tee


Flange Gasket-3

Flange Gasket-2

Our production process quality control

We treasure process quality control, there is very strict operation specification each process, which can ensure the goods quality:

1.    We use electronic weigher to weigh the weight of ingredients, the precision of weight is gram. So there is no surplus compounds elements;

2.    1.) By controlling material temperature and mixing time in the mixer machine, we can get qualified rubber mixed  composites.

      2) The calender process is the more critical phase, large steel rollers force rubber composites into smooth rubber sheets.

      3)The rubber sheets produced every day must be finished within the same day, we can ensure no rubber sheet remainder each day.

      4) All rubber sheets have passed the test of curometer.


3.  Adding adhesion agent in the mixture of rubber and nylon tire cord, then the rubber and nylon tire cord can be adhered together and turn into the integral. After vulcanization, all the rubbers are adhered tightly, it is very difficult to delaminate.

Below is the pictures of plastic sheet combined with rubber and nylon tire cord:


4. In wrapping process: all the elastomer constructions are made by hand-built and machine. After hand-builting, the underneath pressing roller moves along the elastomer body and compact the rubber sheets. There are two main functions of the roller, one is compacting the rubber sheets and making the rubber sheets more bonded, the other one is extruding air between rubber films. So it is very difficult to generate blisters and delamination after vulcanization.


5. After vulcanization, there are 4 inspection processes: first qualified products inspection, trimming, assembling process, inspection for finished goods, if the goods with blisters are found then scrap.

Our certificates


Our workshop


Our Test instruments

Hot-aging oven


Electronic Universal testing machine


hydrostatic test


Rotorless Vulcanizer


Low Temperature Testing Oven


Digital  density balance



1.  Does the company accept to show buyer’s logo?

Yes, we can accept buyer’s logo or their trademark.

2.  What is the material of the products?

The flange materials are carbon steel and stainless steel, the materials of rubber elastomer are EPDM/NBR/SBR/NR/Butyl/Neo/Lined with PTFE.

3.  Does the company have approvals or certificate? If yes, what are they?

Yes, we have approvals, such as CE, Wras,ACS, ISO9001 certificate.

4.  What is the average lead time for delivery?

Our average lead time for delivery is between 3-4 weeks, from getting deposit or getting copy of LC.

5.  Does the company have the minimum order quantity requirement? If yes, What is it?

We accept minimum order quantity with 1 full pallet.

6.  What is the acceptable payment method?

We can accept T/T, L/C and D/P. Any other different payment method, we can talk further.

7.  Does the company have their own brand?

Yes, we have our own brand, LD logo.

8.  What is the advantage of the price-quality ratio?

Yes, the price of our goods is more competitive, it is much cheaper, but the quality is much better.

9.  Does the company have product liability insurance?

Yes, we can supply if required.

10. Does the company accept to OEM brand?

Yes, we can accept buyer’s logo or their trademark.

11. Does the company accept to supply samples?

Yes, we can accept samples, by DHL or other courier express.

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